Something that’s very important to us at Jancare is staying active! We encourage all of our seniors to keep busy because it keeps their mind sharp while they have lots of fun. That’s why we recently wrote a post about activities that seniors with limited mobility can take part in. However, as we start to approach winter, there are less things that can be done outside. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three great activities seniors can do during the winter.

These activities come from an article on a website called Aging.com, which is a great resource for senior citizens. If you want to learn more, you can read the full article by clicking here, which contains ten different winter activities for senior citizens. Below is an excerpt containing three of our favorite activities from the article:

Start or Join a Book Club

There is a very good chance that you would never have considered this option while in your 20s despite the fact that there is a lot of wisdom in books.

If you like to read, you can actually compliment that feeling of fulfillment that completing an enjoyable book brings by discussing what you have read with others. It is like joining a secret society of people who all enjoy the same things.

The good thing about forming or joining a book club is that you will be fostering a social gathering of like-minded people who will meet often to socialize, discuss their favorite books, and keep each other entertained as well as sharp.

Why Not Grow Something?

Photo from Aging.com

Even during winter, you can still nurture an indoor garden. Think about it, how good does it feel to grow something and give it life? Gardening is by far one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies you can have as an aging member of the society.

Besides the fact that it gives you something to do and plants to dot over, you can also start eating healthier because you will be growing your own organic vegetables and fruits.

Other Benefits Of Gardening Include:

– It’s a good way to relax and reduce stress

– It involves physical activity that will get that ticker kicking

– Studies have shown that it can reduce incidences of dementia

– Plus, it gives you a chance to move around and keep active

Beat Your Peers At Board Games

Chess, scrabble, and even Monopoly are excellent ways to pass the time and take your peers to school with your gaming skills. Chess, in particular, is a great way to improve and keep your cognitive skills sharp.

Scrabble will have you learning new words every day and Monopoly will infuse fun into being a property mogul. With most board games, you will be required to utilize both hemispheres of your brain:

Left hemisphere—object recognition; right hemisphere—pattern recognition. These games also help to improve your memory and give great opportunities to socialize with your peers and stay mentally active.

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