The health of seniors is very important to us at Jancare. That’s why our nurses work hard to provide the best health care possible to seniors in the comfort of their own homes. We also form personal connections with all our clients to make sure that all of their needs are attended to. Every person we assist in the Fishkill, NY area helps us make a difference in the world!

What’s also important to us is safety, as it’s easy for seniors to get into serious accidents. For example, it might be difficult for someone to see in a certain room, causing them to fall by accident. That’s why we want to promote a fantastic article written by the Approved Senior Network. The article goes over five different ways you can improve the safety of a senior in their home. If you find this topic interesting, we recommend that you read the full article by clicking here. Here are three of our favorite tips from the post:

1. Medical alarm bracelets and necklaces save lives.

Medical alert devices can help older adults remain independent in the comfort of their home while having the peace of mind knowing that help will be there if necessary. These devices are so much better than just relying on a phone because they are water-resistant and can be worn at all times—even in the shower.

2. Installing grab bars can help.

Grab bars, when properly installed in a tub or shower, provide physical support to elderly men and women. They can hold onto these bars as they step into and out of the tub or shower. Because they are anchored into the wall studs, they are much different than towel bars. If an elderly person grabs onto a towel bar when they begin to slip, it will most likely rip free of the wall, leading to a devastating fall. Grab bars will support them.

3. Better lighting can make a difference.

Eyesight along with balance can be a problem for seniors. Installing overhead lights, adding lamps and having more “layers” of lighting helps. Consider purchasing a portable and flexible task lamp. Increasing lighting can bring on problems with glare. To reduce glare, avoid shiny surfaces on countertops, tables, lighting, and framed art. Use wall paint with light colors and matte finishes instead of gloss finishes. Try to let the sunshine in as much as possible. Dimmer switches can help too. Always be sure to check the light fixture to see what the maximum bulb wattage is and do not exceed the maximum wattage allowed.

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