Even though there isn’t a cure for dementia, it is important to know that there are still some treatments that can help improve your elderly loved one’s life for as long as possible. In order to figure out what treatments would be best for your elderly loved one, an assessment needs to take place. The assessment will determine what help your elderly loved one needs from you, home health care providers, and doctors.  

Mental and Physical Health

Home Health Care in Carmel, NY: Quality of Life

Is your elderly loved one able to move around without any pain or limited pain? Is your elderly loved one experiencing a lot of fear or stress? In order to assess your elderly loved one’s quality of life, questions need to be asked about their mental and physical health.  

Keeping Occupied 

What goes on in a regular day for your elderly loved one? Do they have a routine that keeps them occupied? Are they socializing with friends, family members, or others? Do they move around a lot? Are they doing tasks that stimulate their brain? If there are things that can still help your elderly loved one to stay occupied, this is a good sign for the time being.  


What is your elderly loved one’s home life like? Is there a lot of chaos? Do things change all the time in their home? Even little changes such as switching out the blankets on your loved one’s bed can cause distress for them. It is important that their home environment stays the same as much as possible.  


It can be tough for many dementia patients to take care of their own hygiene. They might need someone to help them bathe or brush their teeth. They might need home health care providers to help them perform medical care tasks in their home. It is important to ensure that your elderly loved one has the people around that are needed to help manage their hygiene. They might also need someone to help keep their home clean, as well.  


Does your elderly loved one spend time with other people regularly? Do they have friends or family members who come to visit them often? It is important that your elderly loved one has people who take the time to see and talk to them. While this should be on a schedule, it is still beneficial. 


These are some of the things that should be considered when assessing a dementia patient’s quality of life. If your elderly loved one has dementia, it is important to ask these questions to make sure they are getting the best quality of life.  


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