Senior care is something we take very seriously at Jancare. This can be seen on our blog, where we frequently discuss this topic. Posts have ranged from improving senior’s cognitive skillsto taking care of someone with stage 4 dementia. We also have written posts about things that people might not think of, like the ways technology can benefit seniors.

Today, we at Jancare want to cover something that may seem obvious, but can easily be forgotten about with senior care: family support. Despite the fact that Jancare has trained professionals that are prepared to take care of seniors, it’s a lot easier for family members to earn their affection, so they’re important to the nursing process. A great article on Comfort Keeperslists the reasons why family support is so important:

  • Understanding Subtle Cues – Seniors are often incapable of communicating or moving around freely. Family members who have known seniors for decades know how to read the subtle cues and understand a senior’s attempts at conversation.
  • Helping the Aging Care Providers – Family members can help aging care providers by explaining the senior’s preferences, dislikes, likes, habits, etc. This can help the care experts provide superior service and ensure the seniors are happy.
  • Still a Part of the Family –Seniors need to feel like they’re still a part of the family. They view family as their anchor in this world so if they don’t have regular contact with the family, they’ll feel more disconnected. Such individuals are more likely to slip into depression.


Photo from jackson-470.comfortkeepers.com

There are lots of small things that family members can do to show their support. A little goes a long way! Comfort Keepers’ article recommends that you do these three things in order to make them feel comfortable:

  • Call every day and spend a few minutes to keep your seniors updated about what’s happening in your life.
  • Visit as often as you can. Visiting at least once a week can help your seniors feel like they’re a part of your life.
  • Bring your children and partner to visit your senior loved one.

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