Did you know that over 11 million U.S. adults, 65 and older, have diabetes? If your elderly loved one has diabetes, it is important to get them a diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible. Leaving diabetes undiagnosed can cause organ damage and other health issues. Being able to recognize the signs of diabetes in your elderly loved one can help you to save their life.  

Urinating Frequently

Elder Care Fishkill, NY: Signs of Diabetes

One of the most commonly noticed Type 2 diabetes signs is urinating frequently. The main reason for this symptom is because there is too much glucose in the blood. The kidneys are working overtime to try getting rid of it. This causes a person with diabetes to urinate much more frequently than normal. If your elderly loved one is urinating once an hour or more, they may want to get assessed by their doctor. If you aren’t around to notice how much your elderly loved one is urinating, you can have an elder care provider stay with your loved one to monitor this.  

Weight Loss 

It is normal for elderly adults to lose some weight. However, weight loss should not be sudden. One of the reasons for sudden weight loss in diabetes is that the person urinates so frequently that they lose water and calories out of their urine. This can lead to substantial weight loss. If your elderly loved one has lost more than a couple pounds quickly, they may need to get an assessment and possibly treatment for diabetes.  

Extremely Fatigued 

Has your elderly loved one been extremely fatigued lately? This is a sign that is noticed often with Type 2 diabetes. If this is the only symptom going on, it can be tough to diagnose and may be pushed off as a normal sign of aging. However, if your elderly loved one is chronically fatigued, they should talk to their doctor about it. If they have diabetes, fatigue is likely causing the muscles not to get enough glucose to keep your loved one’s body energized.  


These are some of the signs that you might notice if your elderly loved one does have diabetes. If you notice your elderly loved one is having any of these signs, you should have them see their doctor as soon as possible. The sooner they get the diagnosis, the sooner they can get the treatments that they need. 

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