A case manager may vary from patient to patient when it comes to in-home care. However, there is one thing in common when looking to hire a case manager and that is that they should be a nurse.

So, what exactly is a case manager? In general, a case manager is someone who makes long-term care arrangements for patients. They attempt to ensure the patient is in a healthy environment to promote a pro-active lifestyle that remains free of illness or ailments. They create a care plan with the doctors caring for the patients. Case managers are important because they manage their patient’s various illnesses when a family cannot or does not understand the correct decisions that need to be made. Many families do not know the medical side of certain illnesses and it can be difficult to speak with your doctor about these worries and the possible follow-up care they may receive. The President of the Case Management Society of America, Kathleen Moreo, describes perfectly why we need case managers, “In today’s healthcare environment, nurses see physicians who don’t communicate effectively with patients and their families. They also see patients who are lost in the healthcare maze and find that no one is addressing family dynamics. Also, when patients leave the hospital for home, they face huge issues that many physicians just aren’t aware of”.

Registered nurses understand the conditions of the patient – they know exactly what the patient needs and when. Nurses can also set up the best environment to prevent the patient from getting sick again and keeping them out of the hospital. Nurses work together with the different teams and physicians that the patient has because they can fully understand the medical conditions and just exactly what the body needs in order to get better. In a way case managers become the liaison between the medical side of a patient and their families. In the long-run nurses as case managers help patients to better understand their illness and can provide information about their future and decisions they may have to face.


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