The following article recently appeared on nanalyze.com:

As Mick Jagger famously sang, “What a drag it is getting old”. Though with a net worth of about $360 million and holding court in the pantheon of rock-n-roll gods, Mick Jagger is probably greying about as well as anyone could at age 74. He certainly will have nothing to worry about when the day comes that he can no longer do the rooster strut; Jagger can afford the best elder care money can buy. Most of us probably won’t have the financial means to hire a team of 20-something-year-old nurses in short, black latex skirts to take care of us when we become dirty old men. The best most of us can hope for is not to be locked in a closet and left to stew in our own feces. Seriously: One in three nursing homes in the United States have been cited for elderly abuse. That’s why we’re all for robots and artificial intelligence swooping in to take as many of these jobs as possible.

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