Last week, the CEO and President of Jancare, Janice Green, attended a hearing called Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurial Success. She testified on behalf of the Women Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee. In her speech, she made a point to discuss mentorship and the ways that having a mentor has helped her small business grow. The topic on the blog this week will be on mentorship throughout life.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mentor as, “a trusted counselor or guide”. Having someone who you can turn to, to guide you through new or tough experiences can be immensely helpful. For Janice, her mentorship came through WEDC when she was starting Jancare. Starting a business is most certainly not easy, but having someone to guide you and help you get started is one of the most incredible tools. This allows us to look on someone else’s experiences and see their mistakes – in the long run this can be helpful for the mentee to avoid mistakes. Janice’s take on mentorship is that it is a valuable tool, “as a leader we need to mentor the next generation without a fee. Mentee’s need to make sure they understand their vision and their goal so that the mentor can assist them to their next level.” As a mentee, there is definitely some soul-searching that needs to be done when it comes to deciding long-term goals and business practices. If we have a mentor and we know exactly what it is we need from them – this can be a sure way to have the best business practices.

On the other hand, myself as a student, having a mentor for academic work and school related involvement is so important. I am a Resident Assistant (RA) at my school, and every year all of the new RA’s are paired with an older RA as their mentor. When I first became an RA I went to my mentor for everything, I was constantly asking questions. Sometimes mentors are there for us in this way, not extremely involved in our goals but there to answer our questions when we have them. Now that I am an older RA, I have a mentee. Being a mentor is something that can be very rewarding, knowing that you helped someone succeed greatly really enables us to think that we can all be a resource. I try to meet up with my mentee every so often to ensure everything is going great and ensure that she is doing well with her job. Academically, utilizing older students and even professors as mentors can be so helpful – they can help with classes and even finding internships.

Mentorship is something everyone could use even with the littlest things in life. Being able to turn to someone when you have a question or you are having tough time with something is very valuable. We often thing we all can do everything on our own, but there is definitely a great deal of worth in finding someone who can guide us to success!

To view Janice Green’s Testimony at “Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurial Success”, click the link below:





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