Falling is a common problem for older adults. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the number one cause of death due to injury and non-fatal injuries in people aged 65 and older. Seniors who fall may suffer broken bones, head injuries, or even become disabled due to injury. Because of the prevalence and danger of falls, it’s important that older adults take steps to reduce their risk of falling. One way you can help your aging relative to avoid a fall is by hiring elderly care. Some of the ways an elderly care provider can help to prevent falls are:

Drive the Senior to the Doctor for Assessment

Elderly Care Poughkeepsie, NY:How Elderly Care Can Help Prevent Falls

Seeing a doctor to be assessed for fall risks is a good first step in preventing falls in seniors. The doctor can assess their fall risk by looking at things like the medications they are on, physical impairments, and cognitive function. Getting to the doctor can be difficult for some older adults because they are unable to drive. An elderly care provider can drive the senior to the appointment, assist them into the building, and take them home again afterward.

Reducing Clutter in the Home

Some older adults have a habit of stacking up old newspapers and magazines near their favorite chair. Sometimes the stacks fall over and wind up in walkways. That can lead to the older adult tripping and falling. In addition, things that aren’t put away, like shoes, can also cause them to trip. An elderly care provider can keep the house picked up and remove clutter from walkways.

Watching for Trip Hazards in the Home

When flooring comes loose, steps break, or cords are strung across walkways, it can result in your aging relative falling. Although an elderly care provider cannot make home repairs, they can notify you when they notice something that could pose a safety hazard, so that you can fix it or hire someone to do it. Elderly care providers can take care of some trip hazards, like cords or loose throw rugs, removing them to prevent a fall.

Keeping the House Brightly Lit

Poor lighting can cause a fall because the older adult might trip over something they cannot see or misjudge a doorway. When lightbulbs go out, it can be hard for your aging relative to change them because they cannot climb on a ladder or chair. Doing so could cause a fall. An elderly care provider can change lightbulbs as needed.


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6 Steps for Preventing Falls Among Your Older Loved Ones