Does your elderly loved one suffer from chronic pain? This can be one of the toughest things they deal with throughout their entire life. Pain management can be difficult. There are so many different reasons why someone might be experiencing pain. Unfortunately, for some people, the thing that is causing their pain might not be able to be treated. If your elderly loved one needs at-home pain management, they can turn to a home health care agency for the services they need.  

Evaluation and Management of Chronic Pain 

Home Health Care Scarsdale, NY: Pain Management

The first thing that a home health care agency can do is to evaluate and make a plan for managing your elderly loved one’s chronic pain. They will determine the cause of your elderly loved one’s pain, what their pain level is on a regular day, what makes their pain worse or better, and ask questions about their pain history. From there, a plan can be made to manage your elderly loved one’s pain.  

Medication Management 

For most elderly adults who have chronic pain, they need some sort of medication to help manage their pain. There are numerous pain relief medications that might be given to help relieve the pain your elderly loved one is experiencing. Some of these medications include anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter pain relief medications, steroids, and prescription pain relief medications. The home health care provider or nurse that is handling your elderly loved one’s case will help create a medication management plan.  

Controlling Symptoms 

In addition to the medication, there may be other ways that your elderly loved one can manage their pain and control their symptoms. Some of the many things that a home health care provider may recommend for controlling your elderly loved one’s symptoms include exercise, eating a nutritious diet, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic services, and improving mood.  


Was your elderly loved one recently hospitalized for a painful condition? Does your elderly loved one suffer from chronic pain, pain while recovering from a surgery, or are they experiencing pain from any other condition? If so, you may want to hire a home health care agency to help manage and treat your elderly loved one’s pain. Living with chronic pain can be extremely debilitating. For many elderly adults, chronic pain can also cause them to become depressed. If your elderly loved one is experiencing depression along with their pain, be sure to let the home health care provider know about this. They can help with that, as well.  


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