At Jancare, we do everything we can to make sure that the seniors in our care remain happy and healthy. We do this by personalizing our nursing services for each of our clients, bonding with their families, and taking care of them in their own homes. This is what makes Jancare special and what helps us stand out from others, as shown by the strong testimonials written by our clients every month. We’re proud to say that we make a difference in the New York area!

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What is equally important to a senior’s health is their own happiness! That’s why they should spend time doing fun activities with their family. A website called UMH put together a great list of affordable activities that seniors can do and we wanted to share four of our favorite activities they wrote about. If you want to learn more, we recommend that you read the full article by clicking here. Otherwise, see below for our top picks for seniors from UMH:

  1. Explore Your Town
    It’s a common joke among native New Yorkers: Many of them rarely — if ever! — go to major tourist destinations, such as the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. But this phenomenon isn’t limited to the Big Apple. In fact, townies and city-dwellers alike admit to overlooking the attractions in their own backyards. So why not make time this winter to play tourist with your aging loved one?

    You don’t have to live in a major destination like New York to find plenty of fun and affordable places for seniors. Pick up your local paper and flip to the Calendar section for a complete list of events and attractions guaranteed to make you both see where you live in an entirely new light.

  2. Browse at a Bookstore
    Amazon may have changed the way we buy books, but there’s no substitute for the good, old-fashioned bookstore experience. Take a trip to your local bookstore to peruse the shelves, check out the magazine stand, or attend an author reading or event — just one of many ways to make senior visits more meaningful.

  3. Take a Yoga Class
    One of our favorite fun and affordable places for seniors? A yoga studio. Yoga is good for the body and soul, and continues to have health benefits — well into the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. From minimizing hypertension and strengthening bones to reducing anxiety and lifting the mood, there are many reasons to do yoga…along with equally many ways to practice at all levels and abilities. Seniors and caregivers alike will enjoy stretching their bodies while relaxing their minds.

    Other good spots for finding yoga classes for older adults? Your local senior center, gym or community college. Caregivers also have plenty to gain from yoga, including restorative effects, which can support more meaningful time with aging loved ones.

  4. Visit a Museum
    Museums aren’t only a great destination during inclement weather, but they also offer wonderful learning opportunities for seniors. While many museums are free, others offer deals for older adults — including everything from free admission days to steep discounts on admissions. Do your research in advance to find out where to go and when. (Don’t see a senior rate? Ask. Not all organizations advertise their senior discount programs.)

    Also, be sure to take your aging loved one’s interests into consideration when selecting a destination. For example, a lifelong hoops lover will look forward to a trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame, while an Impressionism enthusiast will likely prefer visiting an art museum.

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