At Jancare, we work tirelessly to help the senior citizens within our care at Fishkill, NY. Our nurses assist each of their patients with a sensitive, personal touch that helps make a difference in their lives. This is why our clients have left us many positive testimonials, which you can read on our blog by clicking here. This warms the hearts of our nurses because it tells them that the work they are doing is valued and important.

Our nurses have a lot of experience and we’re proud to have them at Jancare! With this experience, our nurses have found that there are certain items that are essential to aiding a senior’s life. A publication called Moves For Seniors has picked up on this as well and wrote a great article called “Top Must Have Items for Senior Citizens”. We have picked out five of the recommended items from the article below, but you can read the full list on their website by clicking here:

  • Mobile Alert System – These come in many different types. Seniors could have an alert set up on their phone, a button on a chain that they wear around their next or a system set up in their home that is set off when they fall. No matter the type of alert system, it is very important to have something along with someone set up to respond when there is an emergency.
  • Pill Organizer/Dispenser – Many seniors are taking multiple medicines and pills daily. An electronic pill dispenser is an excellent way to make sure all of their pills are taken on time.  If an electronic pill dispenser isn’t available, make sure that someone (a caregiver or medical professional) is putting their pill dispenser together weekly with the correct pills.
  • GPS Tracking Device – This is commonly used for seniors with dementia or those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. There are many types of GPS tracking devices available.  Figure out what best suits the senior’s situation and who should be doing the tracking.
  • Walking Aid – There is a wide variety of walking aids such as a walking cane, standard walker, rolling walker, and a deluxe walker.
  • Locked Box – Many seniors living in a senior living facility are too trustworthy and leaving cash and other valuable items unprotected in a drawer or jewelry box. Seniors need a locked box that only they and/or their caregiver (someone that they trust) has access to. This will help prevent loss of money and other important items.

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