Facebook is an amazing platform. It allows people to keep in touch with their family members, friends, and other acquaintances. With this being said, there are also some dangers of using Facebook. Scam artists use Facebook as a platform to take advantage of the vulnerable and that includes elderly adults. It is important that if your elderly loved one is using Facebook, they know how to stay safe on this platform.  

Birthdate and Place

Senior Care Highland, NY: Facebook Safety Tips

While it might not seem like a big deal putting your elderly loved one’s birth date and place of residence on Facebook, it could be harmful. Studies show that putting this information online, especially in an easily accessible place like Facebook, can give scam artists the information they need to steal your loved one’s identity. There are algorithms that when given this information will give out the person’s social security number, as well. Keep this in mind when helping your elderly loved one to create their Facebook profile.  

Mother’s Maiden Name 

There are many websites that your elderly loved one may be signed up for that ask a security question. One of those questions may be – what is your mother’s maiden name? If your elderly loved one has answered this question on any website and they put this information up on Facebook, this could leave scam artists with the answers to the security questions they may have for their bank account or other accounts. 

Phone Number 

You should also tell your elderly loved one to be careful about putting their phone number on Facebook. If they want to give their phone number out to someone, they should send it via message or call someone to give it to them. By putting their number directly onto Facebook, any stranger could look up their phone number and find out where they live.  

Vacation Posts 

Your elderly loved one should never post saying that they are away on vacation. This gives thieves, burglars, and scam artists the okay to target their home or them specifically. If your elderly loved one is away on vacation, they may just want to keep posting as they regularly do. For instance, if they normally post they are doing their afternoon exercise, they should post this even when they are away on vacation. This way no strangers or scam artists suspect they aren’t home. 


These are some of the Facebook safety tips for elderly adults. If you or your loved one’s senior care providers are going to help your loved one create a Facebook account, keep these things in mind.  

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