Welcome to the December Testimonial post! Each month, we highlight what our clients are saying about us here on the blog. All Jancare nurses work tirelessly to make sure that their patients are happy and healthy, so it makes them feel great when they read heartwarming testimonials. These testimonials also spread the word about Jancare and our private health care services, letting us help more people in need!

This month’s testimonial comes from our testimonials page! This is where we post some of our favorite reviews from our clients. For example, when Susan wrote to us about her father, it impacted us greatly. While her father did not want to go to a long term care facility, Jancare was able to solve this problem by taking care of him in the comfort of his own home. Susan’s happiness lets us know that the services we provide are actually making a difference in the world! Here’s what she had to say:

“JanCare is a true gift to our family. When my father, suffering from dementia and other illnesses, could no longer care for himself at home we knew that we would need help. Like many people of his generation, it had been my father’s expressed interest that, as he aged, he did not want to go in to a long term care facility. He really wanted to stay in his own home. How could we manage that for him? JanCare turned out to be the answer. Janice and her employees care for my father like he is part of their family. They tend to all of his physical needs, cooking, cleaning, medications, doctor appointments and supervision. His caregivers are warm and friendly. It is a huge relief to our family to know that he is so well cared for. I cant imagine what life would be like without the trusted services of JanCare. I am so grateful to them for their service.”

– Susan

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