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What’s the difference between Home Care vs Home Health Care?

Home Care vs Home Health Care
When you think about “home care” and “home health care” you can easily mistake one for the other without knowing the key differences between them. Home care offers non-medical assistance to people who need help with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, bathing, meal prep, companionship, light housekeeping, and transportation. Home health care is for people who were recently hospitali...
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How Can Food Help Someone with COPD?

You may not realize how much food has an impact on the health of someone who has COPD. There’s actually a big correlation, and the right foods can help your senior a lot if she’s battling COPD every day.  Hydration Is Hugely Important [caption id="attachment_4484" align="alignright" width="300"] Elder Care Larchmont, NY: COPD and Food[/caption] Most people don’t think about hydration when...
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Things to Consider When Assessing a Dementia Patient’s Quality of Life

Even though there isn’t a cure for dementia, it is important to know that there are still some treatments that can help improve your elderly loved one’s life for as long as possible. In order to figure out what treatments would be best for your elderly loved one, an assessment needs to take place. The assessment will determine what help your elderly loved one needs from you, home health care provi...
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Pancreatic Cancer Rates on the Rise

Pancreatic cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in the pancreas, a small, pear-shaped organ that secretes hormones, like insulin. It is vital for processing sugars and also secretes some of the substances needed to digest foods. It’s a particularly deadly kind of cancer because it is often not discovered until it reaches later stages. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that the rate at whi...
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How Home Health Care Providers Can Help Your Elderly Loved One with Urinary Incontinence

Many elderly adults experience urinary incontinence. This means they experience involuntary loss of urine. It can be difficult for an elderly adult to have this condition. However, there are many things that home health care providers and family caregivers can do to help an elderly adult manage urinary incontinence.   Keeping a Log [caption id="attachment_4147" align="alignright" width="300"...
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Recognizing the Signs of Diabetes in Your Elderly Loved One

Did you know that over 11 million U.S. adults, 65 and older, have diabetes? If your elderly loved one has diabetes, it is important to get them a diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible. Leaving diabetes undiagnosed can cause organ damage and other health issues. Being able to recognize the signs of diabetes in your elderly loved one can help you to save their life.   Urinating Frequentl...
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Get Your Elderly Loved One the At-Home Pain Management Services They Need

Does your elderly loved one suffer from chronic pain? This can be one of the toughest things they deal with throughout their entire life. Pain management can be difficult. There are so many different reasons why someone might be experiencing pain. Unfortunately, for some people, the thing that is causing their pain might not be able to be treated. If your elderly loved one needs at-home pain manag...
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Cinnamon: Is It Beneficial to Your Elderly Loved One’s Health?

When you are looking into ways to help your elderly loved one be healthier, one of the things that you should check into is cinnamon. Research shows there are many health benefits that one can get from cinnamon. For instance, if your elderly loved one needs more antioxidants in their diet, needs help managing diabetes, or need to relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms, cinnamon could help.   Diabetes Manag...
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Allergy Season Preparation for Senior Citizens

Does your elderly loved one have allergies? Unfortunately, the spring and sometimes even the summer trigger allergies. There are things from pollen to dust and more that can trigger your loved one’s allergies. However, there are some allergy preparation and management tips that can help you and elderly care providers to keep your loved one safe during allergy season.  Working with Doctors [c...
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Facebook Safety Tips for Elderly Adults

Facebook is an amazing platform. It allows people to keep in touch with their family members, friends, and other acquaintances. With this being said, there are also some dangers of using Facebook. Scam artists use Facebook as a platform to take advantage of the vulnerable and that includes elderly adults. It is important that if your elderly loved one is using Facebook, they know how to stay safe ...
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