Does your elderly loved one have allergies? Unfortunately, the spring and sometimes even the summer trigger allergies. There are things from pollen to dust and more that can trigger your loved one’s allergies. However, there are some allergy preparation and management tips that can help you and elderly care providers to keep your loved one safe during allergy season. 

Working with Doctors

Elderly Care Carmel, NY:Allergy Season Preparation

One of the best things you can do for your elderly loved one if they suffer from allergies is to work with their doctors. The doctor will decide on the proper ways to manage your elderly loved one’s allergies. Sometimes medication is involved. Other times there are other preparation, prevention, and management recommendations that the doctor will give. Once you get this information from your loved one’s doctor, be sure you share it with others who will be taking care of your loved one, such as their elderly care providers.  

Proper Medications 

There are so many different types of allergy medications that can be given. However, it is important that the proper medications are given for your elderly loved one. Some of the allergy medications may have side effects that would be dangerous for your loved one. Other medications may interact negatively with medications that your elderly loved one is already taking. Work with your elderly loved one’s doctor to make sure they are prescribing the proper medications. If your loved one is prescribed a medication and they have negative side effects, immediately report this to their doctor, so the doctor can make any necessary adjustments or changes to the medication.  

Best Air Quality 

As previously mentioned, one of the things that may trigger your elderly loved one’s allergies is dust. Many homes have dust collecting on top of ceiling fans, windowsills, and in other places throughout the home. If you want to help prepare, prevent, or even manage your elderly loved one’s allergies, you should make sure they have better air quality in their home. You can do this by getting an air purifier for their home. These purifiers can reduce the dust and other allergens that are floating around throughout your loved one’s home. It might be best to get multiple air purifiers for your loved one’s home.  


These are some of the ways that you can prepare your elderly loved one for allergy season. If you make sure that your elderly loved one has better air quality in their home, this might be able to reduce some of their symptoms in the first place. However, if your loved one starts having allergy symptoms, they can work with their doctor and be given the appropriate medications to help manage their allergies.  


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