ARP’s “What is Livable? Community Preferences of Older Adults” found that 87 percent of older adults wanted to age at home. Close to 9 out of 10 men and women 65 or older do not want to downsize or move from where they are. Not only is this appealing to them, but it also helps them thrive.

Aging at home eliminates some of the common fears of aging. People are not moving to a new, unfamiliar area where they have to start over. There are new neighbors to meet and new roads to navigate. Finding new services and stores may be necessary. None of that is appealing.

Your mom and dad are among the high percentage that wants to age in place. They don’t want the hassle of selling a home, moving, and establishing themselves in a new community. You’re worried it’s not possible. The reality is that you can help your parents thrive in their home with these considerations.

Set Up the Home to Be Mobility-Friendly

Senior Care Fishkill, NY: Helping Seniors Thrive

Should the need for a walker or cane become necessary, a few changes to the home make this easy to manage. If your parents’ home has stairs, consider putting in a stairlift. With so many models available today, even a narrower staircase will fit a stairlift.

Switch door handles from knobs to levers. If arthritis becomes an issue, a lever door handle is easier to open. For narrow doors, it may be better to remove the door and put in a sliding barn-style door instead. That gives your parents more room when a walker or wheelchair is needed.

Rearrange furnishings so that they are not in the way of logical walking routes. Get chairs that have high backs and solid armrests to make them easier to get in and out of. Remove rugs that may slip or curl up on the edges.

In the kitchen, move the most commonly used small appliances, such as the coffeemaker or microwave to the lowest possible point. You don’t want your mom and dad having to stand on a chair to get something from an upper cabinet or shelf.

Hire Senior Care When It’s Needed

Hire senior care aides when they’re needed. Your mom and dad don’t have to need help with bathing or personal care before you arrange caregiver visits. They may live in an isolated area and need the companionship. Transportation services may be all they need to thrive within their community.

Senior care services cover much more than housework and meals. Caregivers become friends for game nights, rainy day movie sessions, and shopping trips. Call to learn more.


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